Auburn for Water hosts different events throughout the year in order to raise money. Our biggest events are the Carry the Jerry 5K, H2Bowl, and Water Week.


Whether it's running (or walking), bowling, or just going out to eat, there are so many ways to help support Auburn for Water. Throughout the year we hold many events that draws the Auburn community to come out and support.

Carry the Jerry 5K

Haley Center, Auburn University

The Carry the Jerry 5K is Sunday, November 17th at 3pm. This 5K is unique because during the final 100 yards of the race, runners can carry a full jerrycan across the finish line. This gives a first-hand look at the physical distress women and children go through each day to provide water for their families. On average, women in Nepal walk 4 hours each day to a water source that is not even clean. We want to change that.


GoodTimes Bowling

H2Bowl is an event that allows teams to compete in a bowling tournament in order to raise money for Auburn for Water.

Water Week

Auburn University

Water Week historically happens every spring. This is our big fundraising push to raise as much money as possible in one week. This involves events throughout the week, marketing efforts on campus, and constant encouragement to our members to reach out.


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