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Auburn for Water all began from a Miss Auburn campaign by Tara Jones in 2013. Her campaign, "Tara for Water" allowed students to get a glimpse of the seriousness of the global water crisis. With her win in Miss Auburn, she was able to start Auburn for Water. Tara Jones, now Tara Collins, serves as the Director of Marketing for Neverthirst, our partner. From starting with a small group in 2013, to 150 members in 2019, Auburn for Water is gaining support day by day, and year after year. 

Last year, Auburn for Water raised about $24,000, which equates to water filters to help 160 families in Nepal.

We also sent a team to Costa Rica in May 2019 to help inform families about the dangers of dirty water as well as help install water filters within their homes.

Mission Statement: An estimated 780 million people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water. Auburn for Water exists to eradicate the global Water Crisis through education, awareness, and fundraising. 

Vision Statement 2019-2020: Auburn for Water aims to raise $20,000 over the course of the 2019-2020 school year to fund the manufacturing and distribution of biosand water filters, through our partners at Neverthirst, to over 100 families in Nepal who lack access to a potable water source.


Auburn for Water strives to passionately and proactively serve the world around us by educating Auburn University about the crisis that exists regarding the scarcity of clean water. We seek to humbly lead our campus and community towards a bigger goal and inspire others to join us in living out the Auburn creed. Our main event is called Water Week, a week in which we raise funds and awareness to help end the water crisis. We also hold other small events throughout the school year that support a local organization called Neverthirst, including a 5k, bowling tournament, benefit concerts, and more.


While our main philanthropy partner is Neverthirst, a nonprofit Christian organization based out of Birmingham, we also help local Auburn and nationwide charities pertaining to clean water. Since we help a number of organizations, we are not a religiously affiliated group even though some of our partners may be. We support all faiths or beliefs, and do not use religion as criterion for membership in Auburn for Water. We simply ask for passionate students that are excited to spread the word about the water crisis in order to put an end to it!


Alex Miller
Emma Yonan
VP of Operations
Claire Cowie
VP of Finance
Kelly Trumbull
VP of Fundraising
Loren Grider
VP of Member Relations
Aubrey Alexander
Sean Yukawa
Director of Special Events
Kaylee Neal
Assistant Director of Special Events
Lindsey Dull
Director of Marketing
Sara Grace Ellis
Assistant Director of Marketing
Jenna Moore
Assistant Director of Marketing
April Alvarez
Director of Outreach
Molly Kilpatrick
Assistant Director of Outreach
Julie Burrow
Director of Campus Relations
Kylie DeGilio
Assistant Director of Campus Relations
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We are lucky to work with our partner, Neverthirst, which is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. 

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